Memorial speech by Rimas Miksys,
President of Seattle's Lithuanian-American Community
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Jan. 28, 2012

Aciu uz proga tarti keleta zodziu apie musu miela Vale. (Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words about our dear Vale.)

It's an honor to join you in celebrating the life of our dear Valyte. As I stand here looking out on you, I am reminded of the time just a few years ago that after some event in this hall, Vale and I were standing right over there. We were talking about our Lithuanian Community. The subject of the coming elections for the board of our community came up. I expressed the thought that I was considering not running for re-election again. "Oh, no!" she exclaimed. "Don't do that! You're a great president!" She tilted her head, laughed, and dismissed my reservations with a wave of her hand exclaiming, "You're perfect!"

Valyte was kind and supportive but perhaps at times like that prone to great exaggeration. I'm quite aware of my own imperfections. Even most of you are aware of my imperfections, too.

But Vale, on the other hand, was perfect when she formed a children's group that grew and grew to later inspire and spawn the many activities for children that we have today.

She was perfect when she offered free Lithuanian language classes before the Baltic studies Program was established.

She was perfect when she held information sessions called "My Trip to Lithuania" for people traveling for the first time to the newly-independent Lithuania.

She was perfect when she took the initiative to start recording the many activities of the Daughters of Lithuania.

She was perfect when she translated articles for our Tulpe Times newsletter, or danced with Lietutis.

She was perfect when she supported virtually all the activities and events of our community, not only with checks but with boundless energy.

We will all remember her smiling face, helping hands, and enthusiasm.