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I was really lucky since I got to work with Valerie while she was in the Engineering Department at PSE. She was such a positive, upbeat, friendly, and outgoing person! Always happy when the weather was colder and overcast... We used to complain about those awful, sunny, hot days together much to the eye-rolling of anyone listening in to our conversation.

When she left our department at the end of the year, there was a noticeable difference. I know everyone in the office could feel the change. Things were quieter, more subdued... less upbeat.

I miss her, and wanted you to know how much she touched my life and everything around her.

With love,
Ann Standring - Puget Sound Energy

Our sincerest condolences on the passing of your sister Valyte. She was a woinderful mentor in your life as you were growing up. We value Valyte for being our archivist and historian and for her creative and enticing participation as a member of the Daughters of Lithuania. Valyte was a special person to many and we will miss her.

Irena Kinderis, Secretary
Daughters of Lithuania
Seattle Chapter

A.a. Valytes neteke, nuosirdziai uzjauciame jusu visa seima - jinai palieka didele skyle musu gyvenime cia Sietle. Pasiilgsime jos sypsenos, energijos ir geros sirdies. Liudime kartu su jumis -

Having lost Valyte to eternal rest, we heartfully feel sympathy for your entire family - she leaves a large gap in our life here in Seattle. We will miss her smile, energy and good heart. We grieve together with you.

Irena Blekyte su vyru (and husband) Allan Johnson

What a great and premature loss of such a wonderful person! How apt was her surname, as she truly added sparkle to the lives of those who knew her -


Dear Vale's family,

We are saddened by the loss of Vale. We remember her fondly from throughout our childhood summers. She led us on scouting grips with her kindness, enthusiasm and humor. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Much Love,

Ona & Jesyte (their daughters)

Kadaise, kai buvome jauni, kai jau uzmigo musu vaikai stovykloj tarp pusynu, stai dar reguojam Valyte prie lauzo; budedavom kartu lyg saules ausros su juoku ir daina ...

One of our fondest memories of Valyte, intrepid to the last, is at our camp bonfires, her voice raw from laughter and singing til the sun came up. We remember her face, happy in the firelight --

Nuosirdziai su meile (Heartfully, with love)
Andres ir Danute Musteikis-Rankis
and daughters Julija, Raminta ir Vera

Our hearts go out to you during this time of grief. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Valerie was a special lady, always helpful and with a smile on her face. She will be greatly missed by all.

This is another card and collection we were taking for her, but never got a chance to drop off. The storm hit and several of us were away helping out at the Emergency Operations Center.

Val's PSE Family
(signed by over 60 co-workers)
So sorry to hear of Valerie's early death. I am so happy that we invited the Sparkis women to stay with us in Omaha a few years ago. We never thought at that time that we would never see Valerie again. We thoroughly enjoyed having you all with us at that time. You all are in our prayers and thoughts at this trying time.

Uncle John & Aunt Kathy Sabaliauskas

I am remembering how at one of the Baltic Studies Auctions, Valerie and I were bidding against each other on an amber necklace - I don't even remember who won! (But it was fun!)

Annie Totoraitis
I met Valerie in the kitchen at work on the 4th floor at PSE many, many times. I really enjoyed her sense of humor - we shared a love of dark, rainy days!

I only wish I had gotten to know her better. She was just a very lovely person and a bright sparkly light with a laugh I won't forget.

Please accept my sympathies for your loss and our loss too...

Warm wishes,
Karen Silverman - Puget Sound Energy
Valerie was one of the first people I met when I joined the Seattle Lithuanian Community. Over the years, I always looked forward to her warm greetings and beautiful smile at every event. She will be greatly missed.

Mary Bardon
I would like to send you my deepest Sympathy on the passing of your Sister, Vale. I often think of the many delightful evenings she and I spent at Playhouse on 69th Street and in the Tautiniu Sokiu Grupe (Lithuanian Folk Dance Group), Vytis. I will truly miss her.

Best regards,
Linas Regis
The ones we love are never gone. Valyte lives within our hearts.

Ben & Rasa Skvirblys

Written by Valerie Sparkis, on the occasion of the passing of Ignas Vaiceliunas:

Pasaulyje pagyvena zmogus
Zinodamas kad danguje rojus
Sapne miglotos svajones
Primena Dievo amzinas malones

On earth live men and women
Knowing paradise is in Heaven
Our foggy sleep and dreaming
Hint of God's eternal blessing